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Select Blue Jackets
Select Team Overview
The Select program is for CCYHA players and parents who wish to play extra games and/or tournaments outside of their house league schedule. The intent is to provide additional competitive opportunities for players outside of the house program. The Select program is a good preparation exercise for those who are thinking about Travel in coming seasons.
Select teams will be established based on interest level, coaching availability and ice time availability
ONE team each will be formed at the MITE, SQUIRT and PEEWEE levels. There is no traditional Bantam Select team.

Select teams are comprised of CCYHA house players who are selected for the team via a try-out.
Program Details
When scheduling games and/or practices, the House schedule and responsibilities come first. Select teams schedule their own games and practices and are self-funded. Select teams are not permitted to schedule any games or practices that interfere or prevent a player from attending their house game or practice.
Select team try-outs occur after the house evaluations are complete but before all house teams are established.
Ice time will be allotted to the teams on an 'as available' basis. There is no guarantee as to the amount of ice given or specific schedule.
Each select team must carry at least 15 full time position players (9 forwards and 6 defense) and 1-2 goalies.
There have also been teams that take up to 3 alternates that will play at all practices and a few games, but is not required.

Costs (estimate)
All costs associated with the select program are in addition to the house fees, which must be paid in full prior to the select tryout date.
Tryout fee: $25
Player &Goalie: Cost will vary based on the number of games, practices and tournaments played as decided by the coach and parents. The cost is usually around $550-700 (estimated), which covers ice time, sweaters/socks and entrance into tournaments.
Alternate Players (if taken): This fee should be set by the coach based on the number of games and practices attended.  
Travel & Hotel expenses for tournaments outside of Columbus are TBD and varies from team to team.

Please remember these are estimates so the actual dollars may vary, but this should give you a good idea on costs.

The Select program is an open tryout for CCYHA house players. We are looking for the best of the best house players. There is no guarantee of equal ice time, however coaches are highly encouraged to strive for fair ice time.

The players will be evaluated by those with hockey experience.
Teams will be picked within one week of try-outs.

All house fees must be paid in full in order to try out for the Select team.