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 CCYHA House Program

CCYHA oversees the one of the largest youth hockey program in the Mid Am Division of USA Hockey. Our outstanding volunteer base, professional coaching assistance and responsible, professional management continues to make CCYHA "The Premier Hockey Association of Central Ohio” for both House and Travel Hockey.
The CCYHA House Hockey Program offers a first rate developmental hockey program for boys and girls at the 6U/Mini-Mite through 14U/Bantam level, achieved in part through a qualified and dedicated volunteer staff.  Fees include a minimum 20 week season, jersey and socks for each player and program highlights as noted in each division mentioned below.
Registration for our house program typically opens around July 1st and the season begins late September/early October through late February/early March (depending on the player's division).
Information on becoming part of the CCYHA family is available on the Register Online page found on the left side of the web site (from the home page)
The house season begins with our on-ice evaluations for all registered house players. These are typically held in mid to late September. The on-ice evaluations are used to gauge player's skill level and try as best as possible to ensure parity among teams at the start of the year. These are not a try-out, all players attending the evaluations will be placed on a team.  

Skaters generally are on the ice 2-3 ice times per week (depending on division of play). The ice times will vary - practices will be during the week and games will be on the weekends.
When selecting teams and players, every attempt will be made to ensure that the teams are evenly matched in terms of skill. Reasonable requests regarding player placement may be considered, but CCYHA’s guiding principle of parity of team play with take precedence over such requests.
CCYHA plans to host clinics/skills sessions for our youth players. They may be specialized by position and/or skill: goalie, defense, offense, power skating, stick handling, etc. The dates and times will be communicated once ice times have been finalized.  Many times these sessions are "last minute" when a sheet of ice opens up and thus timely notification is not always possible.  Every effort will be made to schedule these at least 2 weeks prior to the clinic/skills session.  Depending on the type of clinic, a first-come first-serve sign up may occur.
CCYHA will continue implementation of USA Hockey American Development Model’s Red, White and Blue Hockey.  Red, White and Blue hockey promotes the integration of cross-ice practices and games into youth hockey – which can raise the level of creativity among players, increase player participation, and create a positive environment for kids to play, love and excel.  The four main tenants of Red, White and Blue hockey are:
  1. More Puck Time: Smaller spaces mean more opportunity for a player to touch the puck – and ultimately improve their game.
  2. Age-appropriate training: By shrinking the ice down to their level, kids can get more involved and learn skills quicker and easier.
  3. Increased Ice Touches:  Because multiple teams share the ice, kids get on the ice an additional time each week without increase in cost.
  4. Increased competition: A smaller ice surface makes players of all skill levels think and act quicker, resulting in more frequent battles for the puck.
Mini-Mite aged players will play cross ice games (no goalie), participate in ADM practices consisting of  skill development stations.  These stations focus on the key hockey skills of skating, stickhandling, shooting, and game play.  Many of the stations and drills utilize small area games which are not only fun but critical to hockey skill development.  Mites will have play have the same type of practice and participate in half-ice games (no full-time goalies).

In addition to regular season weekend games, all 6U/Mini-Mite and 8U/Mite players participate in an all day jamboree/tournament:

  • 6U/Thomas Knox Memorial Mini-Mite Jamboree:  December 26th
  • 8U/Mite Gustin Schumacher Memorial: MLK Day (Monday) in January

8U/Mite players are eligible to tryout for CCYHA's Development program.  This program is in addition to CCYHA House Hockey and incurs additional fees to those players that accept an offer from these teams.

Teams have the option of participating in one out of town tournament at an additional cost.

End year tournaments are sponsors by CCYHA for 6U/Mini-Mite and 8U/Mite players in late February/early March.
CCYHA 10U/Squirt, 12U/Peewee and 14U/Bantam practices follow USA Hockey's ADM guidelines and practices plans.  Game are full-ice. Players participate in a two-tiered league with other Central Ohio organizations.  The Quest for the Columbus Cup allows for a greater level of competition for house level players in the Squirt, Peewee and Bantam divisions.  For more information on this program, go to Columbus House Hockey.  The year-end tournamnet typically occurs late February/early March (depending on the player's division).

10U/Squirt and 12U/Peewee players are eligible to tryout for CCYHA's Development program.  This program is in addition to CCYHA House Hockey and incurs additional fees to those players that accept an offer from these teams.

Teams have the option of participating in one out of town tournament during MLK weekend at an additional cost.



For more information on the American Development Model check out the USA Hockey site at

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