CCYHA Organizational Commitment - CCYHA Strives to Offer a Friendly Environment Which Ensures Continuous Development Through Experienced Quality Coaching and Organizational Leadership
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Welcome to CCYHA′s Home on the Web!

CCYHA is dedicated to the first class development of youth hockey players in the the area.  Towards this end, the mission is to instruct and enlighten players; and include families and friends in a sportsmanlike, fun, safe and financially stable environment.
Our mission will ensure that CCYHA remains ‘The premier youth hockey association of central Ohio’. 
Contact the CCYHA at 
PO Box 3243
Dublin, OH 43016-0110

CCYHA, the largest and most complete youth hockey program of its' kind in Ohio.
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Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions Your kids are finally on a team, team...
Select Blue Jacket Teams Announced
Select Blue Jackets Teams for 2014-2015 The select teams for the...
TEAMS & UPDATED GROUPS - Schedule for First week of House Hockey
CCYHA Board Trustee Election Results
CCYHA Board Trustee Election Results First of all, a big thank...
Goalie Clinic
Off-Ice Goalie Training Former OSU and professional goal tender,...
Possible Coaching Clinics in Columbus - Please respond
Coaches/Parents - USA Hockey is considering hosting coaching clinics...
CCYHA and Kroger Community Rewards
Are you Kroger Shopper???  You need to Re-enroll your card!!!! Please...
Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Your kids are finally on a team, team practices are starting, games will be this weekend and it's snowing outside (well not yet)!!!  You don't want to miss a single moment.  Here are a few tips that make sure you don't miss a moment of CCYHA Hockey!!!


How do I update my player's contact information so that my husband/wife also gets the schedule reminders, emails from coaches, and emails from the League?

Go to the CCYHA home page and click on "Edit My Account" (last item on left hand menu).  Enter your email address and password (the one you used to register your child).  Select the individual you need to edit.  Edit the profile as needed.  Select if you want email reminder for games and practices. 

If you need to add more one than email address, separate each email address with a semi-colon (;).

You can also watch a video on how to do this by clicking here.

I would like to download/create a subscription to my kid's schedule to my Google/ical calendar?

There are a couple methods but here's one.
Go to ALL Team Pages on the top menu of the CCYHA website.

  • Select Multi-Schedule.

  • Select LIST for the Schedule type you wish to generate.

  • Check the team(s) you wish to generate a calendar for (if your player is a is participating in an ADM group - e.g. Mite, you will need to select BOTH your team and your ADM group - this should be everyone except Bantam).

  • Click on Submit at the bottom of the screen.  You will see the calendar.

  • On the right, hit the triangle next to OPTION and select Calendar Feed.  Then select type of service/calendar program and follow directions.

If you create an ical feed/subscription (for your ipad, iphone, etc), the calendar should automatically update as changes are made to the CCYHA calendar based upon how your device fetches data.

You can also watch a video on how to do this by clicking here.


How do I become more involved on my kids team?

CCYHA is an organization of volunteers.  Many teams are looking for assistant coaches and managers.  Please consider volunteering.  If you are interested in coaching, there will hopefully be another clinic offered in Columbus in the beginning of December.  If you are interested in managing a team, please let your coach know as there will be meeting next week.  All volunteers are must complete a background screening every 2 years.


by posted 10/29/2014
Select Blue Jacket Teams Announced

Select Blue Jackets Teams for 2014-2015

The select teams for the 2014-2015 season have been finalized. 

The MITE Select team has practice tomorrow 10/28 at 7:15 PM.

Mite Select     Squirt Select   PeeWee Select
Coach: Bill Stehle     Coach: TR Mason   Coach: Tim Wingfield
Columbo     Bainbridge B.   Alderman G.
Davis     Bernard G.   Baugh K.
Goodfellow     Delboccio D.   Columbo N.
Hamilton     Garaac B.   Gayetsky I.
Hatem     Geeding R.   Gladden N.
Hoening     Gundel W.   Hazel N.
Long     Hiller B.   Holland J.
Maas     Hoover D.   Johnson A.
Monska     Kerr J.   MacDonald D.
Reichman     Kloth S.   Pallay J.
Roberts     Magyar A.   Piroska H.
Stehle     Mason T.   Shevetz D.
Struckel     Ridout G.   Tevonian W.
Thackeray     Silvon J.   Wagner N.
Thompson     Solano L.   Willer O.
Vogt     Thackeray W.   Wingfield A.
          Wrightsel T.
      Duffy P.   Alternate
          Duquet G.


Alternates practice with the teams and may participate in games but it up to the coach.

by posted 10/27/2014
TEAMS & UPDATED GROUPS - Schedule for First week of House Hockey


Click here to find team assignments. 

Teams/players will have practice starting Monday, October 27th so it is important that you check this website as we attempt to get all players rostered on their teams on our website.  Once players are placed on a roster on our website, families should receive notifications of games and practices based upon your email preferences when your registered your child.

  • DOUBLE CHECK your ice time before you go on this website, just to confirm the location and time (the START and END time are listed below so make sure you have the correct START time).
  • Due to the number of players at the rink, players (MM, Mite and Squirt) might want to partially get dressed before they arrive at the rink.  This may reduce the amount of congestion in the Chiller Locker Rooms.
  • CCYHA utilizes USA Hockey's American Development Model (ADM) in order to optimize player development through
    • More Puck Time: Smaller spaces means more opportunity for a player to touch the puck – and ultimately improve their game.  Two practices a week with stations allow players increased puck touches.
    • Increased competition: At the mini-mite and mite level, smaller ice surface makes players of all skill levels think and act quicker, resulting in more frequent battles for the puck.
  • For information on rink locations, please click here for all OhioHealth Chiller rinks.


The schedule for the first week of hockey is as follows:

(NOTE that the for the first day of Mite practices we will still use the player's last name!  Squirt Minors will practice together this week and teams will be announced later this week.  Girls registered as PW Sting should attend Monday evening practice. Girls registered as SQ sting should attend Tuesday evening practice)

Date Day Rink Start Time End Time Players
10/27/2014 Mon Dublin 1 5:30 PM 6:20 PM Mite - Last Name A - Mc
10/27/2014 Mon Dublin 1 6:30 PM 7:20 PM Mite - Last Name Me - Z
10/27/2014 Mon Dublin 1 8:30 PM 9:20 PM ADM Group 3
PW Flyers, PW Canadiens, Registered PW Sting
10/27/2014 Mon Dublin 2 7:40 PM 8:30 PM

ADM Group 1
2005 Birth Year-SQ Minor (Boys teams)

10/28/2014 Tue Dublin 2 5:50 PM 6:40 PM ADM Group 2
SQ Jackets, SQ Penguins, Registered SQ Sting
10/28/2014 Tue Dublin 1 6:00 PM 6:50 PM MM ADM (All MiniMites)
10/28/2014 Tue North 2 8:00 PM 8:50 PM All Bantam (1/2 ice)
10/29/2014 Wed Chiller Ice Works 6:00 PM 6:50 PM ADM Group 1
SQ Rangers, SQ Flyers, SQ Canadiens
10/29/2014 Wed Dublin 1 6:00 PM 6:50 PM MM ADM (All MiniMites)
10/29/2014 Wed Dublin 2 8:50 PM 9:40 PM All Bantams
10/29/2014 Wed Dublin 2 7:40 PM 8:40 PM ADM Group 3
PW Flyers, PW Canadiens, PW Sting
10/29/2014 Wed Dublin 1 7:00 PM 7:50 PM ADM Group 4
PW Jackets, PW Penguins, PW Rangers
10/31/2014 Fri Dublin 1 5:00 PM 5:50 PM Mite ADM Group 1
10/31/2014 Fri Dublin 2 5:10 PM 6:10 PM Mite ADM Group 2


by posted 10/24/2014
CCYHA Board Trustee Election Results

CCYHA Board Trustee Election Results

First of all, a big thank you goes out those who voted in our election. If not for the volunteers and families, our organization would not exist.                   

We had 6 people who ran in the election this year. Congratulations to the trustees elected.  Their term will start immediately. For those that did not get elected and for everyone else in our organization, we are nothing without our volunteers and we have many events and things that need to be accomplished and we will continue to look to you for strong support.   

The candidates filling the 4 open positions are:  Mike Bowden, Todd Erickson, Leslie Walker and Tim Wingfield.

by posted 10/17/2014
Goalie Clinic

Off-Ice Goalie Training

Former OSU and professional goal tender, Dave Caruso is heading up a goalie training this Sunday, November 2nd.  For more information on this program, please click here.  Or email him at


by posted 10/15/2014
Possible Coaching Clinics in Columbus - Please respond

Coaches/Parents -

USA Hockey is considering hosting coaching clinics in the Columbus area before the end of the year.  We need to find out as soon as possible the interest level for each clinic - Level 1, 2 or 3.

Please email Mike Bowden (CCYHA USA Hockey Liaison) at with which level you are interested in attending.

Don't forget that we are still in need for coaches for all divisions this season.  If you would like to volunteer, please complete the the Coaching application.

If you coached last year at CCYHA, please click here.

If this will be your first time coaching at CCYHA, please click here.

If you have any questions, please contact the Director of Hockey Operations -


by posted 10/15/2014
CCYHA and Kroger Community Rewards

Are you Kroger Shopper???  You need to Re-enroll your card!!!!

Please help CCYHA House Hockey earn funds for house clinics, equipment and jerseys,  and other CCYHA House Hockey sponsored events by registering your Kroger Plus Card today. Even if you have contributed to us in the past, you need to re-enroll your card every year.  The new year began on May 1st!!!!
The Kroger Community Rewards Program is an easy way to accumulate funds for CCYHA House Hockey with your everyday shopping.  The program awards cash based on the quarterly spending of registered organizations like CCYHA.  Kroger awards up to $1,250,000 per quarter split among participating organizations.  CCYHA's earnings are based on the percentage that CCYHA House Hockey families in comparison to other groups participating in the program spend.  CCYHA receives a reward check each quarter based on this percentage. 

Participation in the program does not cost the CCYHA family anything and does not affect any of the family's shopping rewards (e.g. coupon savings, gas savings, etc.)

We just ask that you take a few minutes to register your Kroger Plus Card so that CCYHA can benefit from your purchases.  If you already have a Kroger Plus Card, please log on to

  • Select Columbus, Ohio
  • Select Enroll
  • If you are already enrolled with Kroger, use your email address and password.  If not, create one.
  • On the Kroger Community Rewards screen, enter NPO number (91330) or name of organization (CCYHA House Hockey),
  • Select organization from the list and click on Save Changes
  • To verify you are enrolled correctly, you will see ‘CCYHA House Hockey’ in your profile under Community Rewards.  You will also see it at the bottom of your receipt when you shop!

If you do not have a Kroger Plus Card yet, you can obtain one at the customer service desk at any Kroger.  Remember to register the card as instructed above in order for CCYHA House Hockey to receive credit from your purchases.
Thank you in advance  for your support!


by posted 05/28/2014
Quote of the Month

I'm not looking for the best players ... I'm looking for the right ones.

Herb Brooks - Coach of 1980 Olympic Team USA from "Miracle"

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