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Welcome to CCYHA′s Home on the Web!

CCYHA is dedicated to the first class development of youth hockey players in the the area.  Towards this end, the mission is to instruct and enlighten players; and include families and friends in a sportsmanlike, fun, safe and financially stable environment.
Our mission will ensure that CCYHA remains ‘The premier youth hockey association of central Ohio’. 
Contact the CCYHA at 
PO Box 3243
Dublin, OH 43016-0110

CCYHA, the largest and most complete youth hockey program of its' kind in Ohio.
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Select Blue Jacket Tryouts
Select Blue Jacket Tryouts Tryouts for the Select Blue Jackets...
The Chiller Equipment Swap
Don't forget to Register for CCYHA Hockey Hockey
CCYHA is pleased to announce that House registration for the 2015-2016 season is...
Financial Assistance
CCYHA is committed to the first class development of youth hockey...
Calling All Coaches!
Coaches for 2015-2016 House Season Needed CCYHA is a volunteer-based...
Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions Your kids are finally on a team, team...
CCYHA and Kroger Community Rewards
Are you Kroger Shopper???  You need to Re-enroll your card!!!! Please...
Select Blue Jacket Tryouts

Select Blue Jacket Tryouts

Tryouts for the Select Blue Jackets for the 2015-2016 season will on  SATURDAY, October 10th at the OhioHealth Dublin Chiller as follows:


10/10/2015   Sat Dublin 1 7:30 AM 8:30 AM mite select tryouts
10/10/2015   Sat Dublin 1 8:40 AM 9:40 AM squirt select tryouts
10/10/2015   Sat Dublin 1 9:50 AM 10:50 AM peewee select tryouts


  • There is a $25 tryout fee which must be paid (via check made payable to "CCYHA" or cash; NO CREDIT CARDS) when you check-in. (there is no on-line registration - just show up with your tryout fee)
  • House fees MUST BE PAID IN FULL in order to try out for the Select team. (If you are on a payment plan, your player is not eligible to try out unless payment has been received for the remaining balance).
  • Please arrive early enough to check-in, pay the tryout fee, and get your player dressed to be ready to get on the ice for the start of tryouts.
  • There is will only be one select teams for each division trying out (one Mite Select, one Squirt Select and one PeeWee Select Teams)
  • For more information regarding the CCYHA Select Blue Jackets, click here
  • Note that this is a separate program and is NOT part of House hockey fees.

Contact Hockey Operations Director , with hockey questions 

by posted 08/25/2015
The Chiller Equipment Swap

by posted 08/23/2015
Don't forget to Register for CCYHA Hockey Hockey

CCYHA is pleased to announce that House registration for the 2015-2016 season is now open.

Please read the instructions carefully as some things have changed from prior seasons.  NOTE:  Only a few days left before prices increase.

The season begin on Saturday October 3rd and Sunday October 4th.  Please SEE THE SCHEDULE BELOW for exact times and locations for your birth year.

(1) You must first register your player with USA hockey and obtain a valid membership number for the 2015-2016 hockey season.  Please make sure you use the legal name on the birth certificate during the registration process.

(2) Afterwards, all players should register with CCYHA ON-LINE

  • Please note that there is a separate registration for girls that desire to play on the All Girls Sting team for Squirt, Peewee and Bantam Divisions.

  • NEW THIS YEAR: We are offering an EARLY BIRD SPECIAL for those that register and pay (at a minimum) their $125 deposit by 9/1/2015.  If you register after 9/1/2015, the prices will be increased by $25.

  • During the registration process you will be prompted to print out the forms (When you see the "Registration is Complete Window", DO NOT hit "Complete".  Scroll to the bottom.  There is a message that says "Click here for printable paper forms required for registration".  The forms usually appear in a separate window). 

  • This paperwork, which consists of the following, must be printed AND signed:

    • Player Registration Form

    • Bodily Harm Waiver, League & Arena Waiver and Medical Authorization

    • USA Hockey Consent to Treat/Medical History Form

    • Zero Tolerance Policy

    • House Fees

    • Player Code of Conduct (signed by player!)

  • The above forms, along with a copy of the player's government issued birth certificate or passport must in the hands of the Registrar by October 1st.

    • NEW THIS YEAR: In order the facilitate the registration process, we now have an email address to send your scanned paperwork/PDF file.  You can email the forms to

    • You can still mail paperwork but you must allow time for mail to be processed.  Please mail forms to: CCYHA-Registrar, PO BOX 3243, Dublin. Oh. 43016

NEW THIS YEAR: We need to receive your paperwork (signed forms and a copy of your government issued birth certificate/passport) by THURSDAY, October 1st. Players cannot participate in any practices until paperwork is in the registrar's hands.

If your paperwork has been received and is complete, you will receive and email from the Registrar.  

If you any questions, please feel free to contact to the Registrar (Michele Rossman) at


Note that mites will be split based upon the last name of the player and will be determined approximately one week before tryouts.

Date Day Rink Start End Division
10/3/2015 Sat OHIH 12:40 PM 1:40 PM SQUIRTS Birth Year 2006
10/3/2015 Sat OHIH 1:50 PM 2:50 PM SQUIRTS Birth Year 2005
10/3/2015 Sat OHIH 3:00 PM 4:00 PM PEE WEES Birth Year 2004
10/3/2015 Sat OHIH 4:10 PM 5:10 PM PEE WEES Birth Year 2003
10/3/2015 Sat OHIH 5:20 PM 6:20 PM ALL BANTAMS* - Birth Years 2001 & 2002
          *NOTE: This Bantam Session will be a Checking Clinic.
10/4/2015 Sun Dublin 2 8:50 AM 9:50 AM STING GIRLS (Squirt U10 & PW U12)
10/4/2015 Sun Dublin 2 10:00 AM 11:00 AM ALL MINI MITES - Birth Year 2009 & 2010
10/4/2015 Sun Dublin 2 11:10 AM 12:10 PM HOUSE EVALS - MITES (A to TBD)
10/4/2015 Sun Dublin 2 12:20 PM 1:20 PM HOUSE EVALS - MITES (TBD to Z)


OHIH = OhioHealth Ice Haus

Dublin 2 = OhioHealth Dublin Chiller Rink 2

by posted 07/01/2015
Financial Assistance

CCYHA is committed to the first class development of youth hockey players in the area in a fun, safe and financial stable environment.  To that end, through a donation by the Columbus Blue Jackets foundation and CCYHA fundraisers throughout the year, we have a limited amount of scholarships available for the 2015-2016 season.  If you are interested in applying for a scholarship, please contact Michele Rossman -  CCYHA Treasurer. She will send you an application. 

  • If you are applying for a scholarship, you will still need to register your player and pay the $125 deposit. 
  • All applications must be submitted by September 9th so that they can be reviewed.  Families will be notified in late September before the season begins the status of their request. 
  • Amounts are based upon need and number of applicants. 
  • All applicants must be in good standing with CCYHA and cannot have other children participating in the CCYHA’s Travel Blue Jackets program during the same season
  • Players that receive scholarships are not eligible to participate in the CCYHA’s Select Blue Jackets Hockey program for that season.

In addition, CCYHA offers a payment plan option which spreads the payments over most of the season (balance must by paid by 12/31/2015).  If you are interested in a payment plan, please contact our Treasurer, Michele Rossman ( ) as soon as possible.

by posted 07/01/2015
Calling All Coaches!

USA Hockey.pngCoaches for 2015-2016 House Season Needed

CCYHA is a volunteer-based organization and we are once again looking for parents to help coach during the 2015-2015 season.  We know that coaching can be demanding and the requirements may seem time consuming but the rewards are endless. 
Below is the summary of requirements associated with become at Coach at CCYHA.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the with coaching questions or the with requirement questions.  If you have contacted Gord via email but have not filled out application, please do so that we can keep track of information.
All coaches/volunteers...
(1) Must complete the on-line application.
(2) Must be screened.  If you were previously screened by USA Hockey, this must have been done by 4/1/2014.  CCYHA covers the screening cost.
(3) Must have a 2015-2016 USA Hockey number.  Registration for this is available at
(4) Must have completed the SafeSport certification.  This certification is good for two years. 
(5) Must have completed the  Concussion On-line training.  This certification is good for 3 years. (Coaches only)
(6) Must be USA Hockey certified.  All on-ice volunteers must attend a USA Hockey Coaches seminar and keep their USA Hockey coaches certification current.  (Coaches only)

Following are the Coaching Clinics schedule for Columbus, Ohio.  If you are unable to make any of these times, please go to the USA hockey website to find other clinics offered in other cities.  All coaches must have their certifications current for the 2015-2016 by 12/31/2015.  In additional to these clinics, in order to coach at CCYHA, all coaches are required to take the required USA Hockey age module by 12/31/2015.

Any rostered coach without their required coaching certifications and corresponding module after 12/31/2015 may be asked to be removed from the teams roster and coaching staff.

If you are unsure of which clinic you should attend, please CLICK HERE and review the information from USA hockey.


Saturday, September 12, 2015 - Level 2 Clinic

  • 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM at Chiller North

Sunday, September 13, 2015 - Level 3 Clinic

  • 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM at Chiller North

Sunday, October 18, 2015 - Level 1 Clinic

  • 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM at Chiller North


Register on-line at  Click “Coaches” tab for USA Hockey coaching information & requirements

Above clinics include an “on-ice” session.  Ice skates, gloves, hockey stick, & hockey helmet required (shin pads and elbow pads recommended)

by posted 05/26/2015
Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Your kids are finally on a team, team practices are starting, games will be this weekend and it's snowing outside (well not yet)!!!  You don't want to miss a single moment.  Here are a few tips that make sure you don't miss a moment of CCYHA Hockey!!!

How do I update my player's contact information so that my husband/wife also gets the schedule reminders, emails from coaches, and emails from the League?

Go to the CCYHA home page and click on "Edit My Account" (last item on left hand menu).  Enter your email address and password (the one you used to register your child).  Select the individual you need to edit.  Edit the profile as needed.  Select if you want email reminder for games and practices. 

If you need to add more one than email address, separate each email address with a semi-colon (;).

You can also watch a video on how to do this by clicking here.

I would like to download/create a subscription to my kid's schedule to my Google/ical calendar?

There are a couple methods but here's one.
Go to ALL Team Pages on the top menu of the CCYHA website.

  • Select Multi-Schedule.

  • Select LIST for the Schedule type you wish to generate.

  • Check the team(s) you wish to generate a calendar for (if your player is a is participating in an ADM group - e.g. Mite, you will need to select BOTH your team and your ADM group - this should be everyone except Bantam).

  • Click on Submit at the bottom of the screen.  You will see the calendar.

  • On the right, hit the triangle next to OPTION and select Calendar Feed.  Then select type of service/calendar program and follow directions.

If you create an ical feed/subscription (for your ipad, iphone, etc), the calendar should automatically update as changes are made to the CCYHA calendar based upon how your device fetches data.

You can also watch a video on how to do this by clicking here.



by posted 10/29/2014
CCYHA and Kroger Community Rewards

Are you Kroger Shopper???  You need to Re-enroll your card!!!!

Please help CCYHA House Hockey earn funds for house clinics, equipment and jerseys, and other CCYHA House Hockey sponsored events by registering your Kroger Plus Card today. Even if you have contributed to us in the past, you need to re-enroll your card every year.  The new year began on May 1st!!!!
The Kroger Community Rewards Program is an easy way to accumulate funds for CCYHA House Hockey with your everyday shopping.  The program awards cash based on the quarterly spending of registered organizations like CCYHA.  Kroger awards up to $1,250,000 per quarter split among participating organizations.  CCYHA's earnings are based on the percentage that CCYHA House Hockey families in comparison to other groups participating in the program spend.  CCYHA receives a reward check each quarter based on this percentage. 

Participation in the program does not cost the CCYHA family anything and does not affect any of the family's shopping rewards (e.g. coupon savings, gas savings, etc.)

We just ask that you take a few minutes to register your Kroger Plus Card so that CCYHA can benefit from your purchases.  If you already have a Kroger Plus Card, please log on to

  • Select Columbus, Ohio
  • Select Enroll
  • If you are already enrolled with Kroger, use your email address and password.  If not, create one.
  • On the Kroger Community Rewards screen, enter NPO number (91330) or name of organization (CCYHA House Hockey),
  • Select organization from the list and click on Save Changes
  • To verify you are enrolled correctly, you will see ‘CCYHA House Hockey’ in your profile under Community Rewards.  You will also see it at the bottom of your receipt when you shop!

If you do not have a Kroger Plus Card yet, you can obtain one at the customer service desk at any Kroger.  Remember to register the card as instructed above in order for CCYHA House Hockey to receive credit from your purchases.
Thank you in advance  for your support!


by posted 05/28/2014
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I'm not looking for the best players ... I'm looking for the right ones.

Herb Brooks - Coach of 1980 Olympic Team USA from "Miracle"

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